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The Unquestionable Truth, Pt. 1

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  • This review is the unquestionable truth. Like it or not.

    From Vanilla Ice, to Milli Vanilli, to Ashlee Simpson – Fads come & go, & out of every fad comes the “musician” or band to represent how embarrassing that fad was. Limp Bizkit is unquestionably, unarguably the Vanilla Ice of the late 90s/early 2000’s…

    Much like Vanilla Ice, they were everywhere & moronic young kids thought it was cool to like them… Now, just as many people do with Vanilla Ice – Young adults & people in their early 20’s look back on Limp Bizkit the same way… With pure embarassment

    They may of been one of the biggest bands on earth at one time.. But good luck finding anyone today that admits to once liking Limp Bizkit. You’re more likely to find someone who confesses to being a child molester.

    Fred Durst is undeniably the cause of the downfall. The funny thing is… Fred Durst doesn’t know why so many people hate him, he just doesn’t get it.

    It doesn’t occur to him that having a reality show on MTV about the making of ‘Results May Vary’ – Or singing with Christina Aguilaiaialaiarelalia (however the hell you spell her name) – Or insulting Trent Reznor (who has infinite more credibility than Fred ever had) might backfire on him.

    Fred Durst has a huge ego. He cannot dare believe how someone couldn’t like HIM?! “WHO!?!? ME?! Fred Durst?! The guy who makes fish faces & gawks at cameras & calls himself the Kurt Cobain of his generation!? ME?!” –

    Yes YOU… MORON – He just can’t believe Limp Bizkit is hated. The pathetic thing is, I read parts of a recent interview lately, where Fred says he doesn’t even want to be big anymore… DUDE, you got REJECTED by EVERYONE.. You even went so far as to promote a new album with a MTV reality show.. and THAT album bombed badly… So now that you’re rejected by everyone & everything, you make it look like it was your choice?!!?! This guy is such a phony, so ignorant & arrogant & completely stupid, it is truly unbelievable. This guy just cannot see himself from another persons point of view.

    Fred Durst wanted to become legendary all right… And he did. He is today one of the most insulted, laughed at, embarrassing people to become famous of all time.

    (Now.. If you want to know anything about the album, just listen to the samples. It sounds like a 4th rate Rage Against the Machine cover band gone horribly wrong.)

    Posted on November 15, 2009