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The Very Best...And Beyond

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  • This compilation is close to being perfect with two major problems though. The first problem is the addition of 3 new songs, all of which are stinkers. Luckily those songs are the first songs on the CD so one could simply start on track 4. I know one could go on and on about such and such tracks should be included but releasing a Foreigner compilation without Long, Long Way from Home as this compilation does can’t be justified. This was one of their biggest hits on Rock stations, basically a staple on such stations and also a top 20 hit. Omitting that song is similar to deleting Let the Good Times Roll on a Cars compilation, not a huge hit but a staple at Rock stations. It also omitted Blue Morning, Blue Day but that is not the same travesty.

    Sound quality is decent; recent re-mastered compilations provide a slight improvement but the difference is nothing to write home about.

    If you only want a single Foreigner CD compilation with full length versions, this is a decent buy, provided you could live without the above mentioned tracks. If you can live with edited versions for radio airplay, get the single Foreigner – Complete Greatest Hitswhich is a definite greatest hits compilation but falls short on being complete due to shortened versions of some of the songs. My choice is The Definitive Collection, a 2cd with all the songs plus the main album tracks in full length versions. Oddly, Rhino has discontinued that album and released (yet) another compilation, decent but not as good as the Definite Collection.

    Posted on February 26, 2010