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The Very Best of Deep Purple

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  • There will almost always be disagreements regarding track selection on Greatest Hits compilations. But come on Record Labels, obvious ommissions are totally unacceptable! Know the artist. Do your research. Check the Billborad charts (Hmmm, this is a Rock band, I guess it would make sense to check out Billboards “Rock Tracks” chart.). How can “Perfect Strangers” not be on this Deep Purple Greatest Hits disc. With ommisions like this, it makes you wonder if the compiler ever listened to the radio or has a clue about the band. The disc would rate 5 Stars with the inclusion of Perfect Stangers. But I have no resevations about downgrading the rank to 3 because of such an obvious oversight. I expect more from the record labels, and especially Rhino Records.

    Posted on January 29, 2010