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The Very Best of Dokken

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  • It’s nice to see a “best of” album with most of this band’s good stuff. All the big air play hits are here: Breaking the Chains, Alone Again, Into The Fire, The Hunter, It’s Not Love (Thanks for that one!), In My Dreams, etc. Some hot stuff from later releases from the band (and Don’s solo effort) also make it a bonus CD: Mirror Mirror and Too High To Fly.While this release from Dokken is a good compilation, a few (of my) top songs from the band didn’t make the list: Don’t Close Your Eyes, Bullets To Spare and Prisoner Of Love. It’s tough to please everyone! However, Don Dokken’s smooth vocal delivery coupled with George Lynch’s fine axe work make this a great album to pick up regardless of personal preferences for one tune or another. If you don’t have a Dokken album in your collection and you like 80’s hard rock/pop metal, this is the one to get.

    Posted on December 22, 2009