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The Very Best of Dokken

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  • Dokken’s “Very Best Of” is just that: just about everything that made Dokken a staple band for most kids in the 80’s that were into metal. Don Dokken has some of the best vocals of any of the 80’s wailers, and George Lynch is arguable the most talented axeman to appear in the 80’s. The guy is incredibly talented, plays ferociously, and the blistering sound just jumps off of his steel toy and through your speakers. Whitesnake’s Steve Vai, Vinnie Vincent, and Bon Jovi’s Richie Sambora are three guitarists of a handful that can only hope to come CLOSE to rivaling Lynch’s skill with the axe. Absolutely incredible. Anyway.This album is the quintessential album for anyone that remembers Dokken with fondness and a zillion great memories of what they were doing when they heard this stuff on their radios, or for a 90’s nu-metal disenchantee searching for a better sound, willing to try something they’ve never heard. Whether you’re new to the 80’s rock sound and fascinated with the possibility that there IS something better than 90’s-00’s [stuff]-o-rama rock, or a made-in-the-80’s thoroughbred that was in high school when Dokken was the big cheese (along with bands like Kiss, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Poison, Ratt, Cinderella, etc.), you won’t be disappointed with the choices for the “best of” set Dokken has compiled. Every song most definitely deserves to be included on this album, but space was limited……which must have forced them to make some important decisions. Songs like “Unchain the Night”, “Slipping Away”, and “When Heaven Comes Down” (a favorite anthem the band loved to play live) had to be excluded. Not to worry, though. If you’re looking for those songs on a “best of” type compilation, I recommend the very good live album from Dokken (released 1988) “Beast From the East”. What songs this best of compilation lacks that album includes. Both include the insanely good “Mr. Scary” guitar solo/instrumental by George Lynch.But when an album includes “In My Dreams”, “Breaking the Chains”, “Into the Fire”, “Dream Warriors”, “Alone Again”, “Tooth and Nail”, “It’s Not Love”, and “Hunter” and still has 8 MORE quality tracks on it, it’s hard not to want the album!Still, this album doesn’t go wrong. If you want an introduction to Dokken, or a reunion with their music, this is the album for you. If you are a more serious Dokken or 80’s metal fan, I would recommend going for all of Dokken’s 80’s releases: “Breaking the Chains” (1983), “Tooth and Nail” (1984), “Under Lock and Key (1985)– their most solid release, “Back For the Attack” (1987), and “Beast From the East” (1988). I have all of these, and I’m a very happy man…Rock on! Here’s to the 80’s metal bands!!!

    Posted on December 23, 2009