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The Very Best of Dokken

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  • THE BAND: Don Dokken (vocals, guitar), George Lynch (guitars), Jeff Pilson (bass), Juan Croucier (bass on Dokken’s debut only), Mick Brown (Drums & percussion). *Note – the song “Mirror Mirror” is from Don Dokken’s solo release – featuring John Norum (guitar), Billy White (guitar), Peter Baltes (bass), and Mikkey Dee (drums).

    THE DISC: (1999) 16 tracks clocking in at approximately 75 minutes. Included with the disc is a 14-page booklet containing song titles/credits, an brief yet insightful paragraph about each song, a 5-page intro/history on the band, 2 color band photos, and which songs came from what albums and chart success. Label – Elektra / Rhino.

    ALBUM REPRESENTATION: Breaking The Chains (2 songs), Tooth And Nail (4), Under Lock And Key (3), Back For The Attack (4), Beast From The East (1), Up From the Ashes (1), Dysfuntional (1).

    COMMENTS: This is a great single disc collection of Dokken material. However, if you’re looking for a more in-depth taste, then go with Dokken’s “The Definitive Rock Collection” (featuring all the songs on this disc, minus “Mirror Mirror”)… released in 2006 with 29 tracks on 2-discs. “The Very Best Of Dokken” features 16 blistering tunes – no filler, with the exception of perhaps “Mirror Mirror” from Don Dokken’s solo album (1990)…this song seems strangely out of place here since it’s not technically a Dokken “band” song (if you do feel that this song needs to be here, then you need to include one of Lynch’s solo songs here too… the best choice being most any track from his “Wicked Sensation” album). THE GOOD: All the staples are here – “Breaking The Chains”, “Paris Is Burning” (even though the live version here is faded out in the end), “Just Got Lucky”, “Along Again”, “In My Dreams”, “It’s Not Love”, “Dream Warriors”, “Heaven Sent”, “Mr.Scary”, “Too High To Fly”, etc. Songs are presented in chronological order, so you hear the band grow/mature/change over the years. Digitally remastered sound is crisp (not to mention the band’s entire catalog could benefit from remastering). 2 priceless photos of a finesse band looking tough in spandex, silk and big hair. Informative liner notes. THE NOT SO GOOD: Only a few things to note. As stated earlier, “Mirror Mirror” just doesn’t belong here. For the most part, the song selection is right on, however there are a few song omissions that coulda/shoulda been here – “Hole In My Head”, “Kiss Of Death”, “Bullets To Spare”, “Don’t Lie To Me”, “Lightning Strikes Again”, “Prisoner”. Also absent is anything from Dokken’s “Shadowlife” (1997) and “One Night Live” (1996). Here’s hoping that the “Gold” or “Essential” series will release a more current 2-disc version that includes a more updated track listing (accommodating Lynch’s replacement, Reb Beach) – featuring tracks from “Hell To Pay”, “Erase The Slate”, “Long Way Home”, “Live From The Sun”. In my opinion Dokken was more than just another hair/glam 80’s band… Don Dokken brought amazing vocals, George Lynch an incredible guitar, and a wonderfully rounded out band with Pilson and Brown. Overall, this “Very Best Of” is a nice snapshot of the band’s Dokken/Lynch material (5 stars).

    Posted on December 23, 2009