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The Very Best of Montrose

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  • I was actually reading up on the new George Lynch CD (Furious George) and I noticed he does a cover of “Space Station #5) by Montrose. That brought back fond memories of that fantastic album and after reading 61 consecutive excellent reviews on Amazon (that has to be some kind of record!) I decided to go out and re-purchase it. However I could not find it locally and I ended up with the Best of CD which is fantastic. I was especially glad to see they retained the sequence of the Montrose Album with Rock the Nation, Bad Motor Scooter and Space Station #5 (the best 1-2-3 sequence I have ever heard) and since I got the Best of collection I also got “I got the Fire” (a personal favorite) as well as some other later Montrose songs.It’s amazing to think this stuff is going on 30 years old – it truly stands the test of time and is probably some of the best America Hard Rock ever produced. You just don’t hear this kind of guitarwork (technical skill not to mention tone and excellent effects) in today’s music, and in my opinion Hagar never sounded better than he did with Ronnie Montrose. The guitar work is phenomenal (the lead in Bad Motor Scooter still sends chills up my spine). I am so happy I got this! Oh yeah, one last thing – this CD is meant to be played LOUD – enjoy!

    Posted on November 20, 2009