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The Wake of Magellan

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  • How do you explain Savatage’s sound to someone who hasn’t heard them? I find this difficult to do without getting into a ten minute description. Basically, they’re considered a metal band, but that’s too generic of a label for these guys, coz they go so much further. I sometimes hear them refered to as a power metal band, but that doesn’t quite seem fitting either. They never really get very fast or wild. I hear “progressive metal” used alot, and I guess that’s getting warmer. They’re not all over the place like Dream Theater or anything, but they certainly aren’t afraid to try things. I gave them a silly label called Drama Metal. The sound is like a metal Broadway play. It’s Welcome To My Nightmare-ish without the humor. In fact, these guys are 100% humorless. They’re probably a million laughs in person, but the music really goes for emotion-and achieves it! Moreso than any other band in the genre. They sing with such a passion. Sure, it sounds a bit over the top and over exaggerated at times, but this is a musical equivalent of a play here. And in plays, the acting has to be overdone to reach the people further back in the theater. Savatage obviously uses this same method in their music as though they are actually performing a Broadway musical on your stereo system. Their alter ego-The Trans Siberian Orchestra also does this, actually takes it a bit further. The best way to describe them in a few words? Metal guitars, piano, very emotional and poetic lyrics, operatic vocals(not the high pitched kind used in power metal). The Wake Of Magellan is a fantastic album to start with. Though not my personal favorite, it embodies all that is Savatage. Get it now. If you don’t like this album, then Savatage isn’t for you.

    Posted on November 10, 2009