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The Wake of Magellan

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  • My screen name says enough. I am the biggest Savatage fan. Everything from I can recite the lyrics to every song from “Sirens” to “The Hourglass”. Enough about me…. This album, is the most unbelievable piece of genius I have ever heard. I am a music major and have have studying music and theory or music since I was 5. The emotion-stirring lyics, spellbounding music, and legendary performers make this album a must to any Savatage fan…actually to any fan who wants to take a journey into the imagination and let the power of music take them there. Music is so much more than just noise…it is emotions that allow the listner to draw their own pictures. Jon’s growling vocals on “Paragons of Innocence” maes for the perfect enraged setting. Zakk has a wonderful voice and I think that he is the greatest asset the band has. After seeing Al Pitrelli play live, I can honestly say he the most underrated guitarist ever to exist. The entire band gives an absoltuely phenomenal performance. This is an album that you will not regret buying. The album opens with the calming sound of the ocean’s waves and a mystic-sounding piano..then BANG!! the guitars, drums, and strings jump in. Wqait, it has only begun….all of the songs are geniously told parts of the terror of the journay of Magellen and the storms he envcounters. “The Storm” opens with a calm sounding rain-shower. A peaceful and simple piano line enters and then…the storm begins. One of Al’s best solos is now displayed. The album concluded with the 8:00 “Hourglass” Just read the lyrics, that is enough….the song is incredible. The album also includes 2 bonus tracks. Jon singing “Alone You Breathe” & “Somewhere In Time” with just a piano and “Sleep” and the guitar solo of Al on “Stay” A completely divine piece of musical art is only way to describe this album.

    Posted on November 10, 2009