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The War of Words

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  • War Of Words is the first album Rob Halford released after his departure from Judas Priest. War of Words does not really sound like the music from Judas Priest. Sure there are minor resemblances with Judas Priest’s Painkiller album, but overall it was a new start for Halford. By the way, Judas Priest drummer Scott Travis played the drums on this album.

    Musically War Of Words reminds of then popular bands like Fear Factory, Pantera, Prong, and Biohazard. To put it in other words, expect a mixture of Thrash Metal and Hardcore. The guitarists mainly play heavy chunky riffs, but there are also more melodic songs like “Immortal Sin”. Also expect some excellent solos. The opening song “Into The Pit” reminds me the most of the Judas priest area. It is a song that goes from mid tempo to fast. The song sounds like a mixture of the albums Painkiller and Jugulator. The song “Life In Black” reminds me of the doomy Black Sabbath.

    For a 1993 release, the production is really excellent. The production is really heavy and clear. Are there also negative aspects on this album? Yes there are. Some songs could have used more diversity, more tempo changes, different patterns, etc. Musically, some songs are based around only a few riffs and that’s it. The remix album Mutations, where 5 songs from War Of Words have been remixed, shows that with use of electronics these songs become more interesting. Also the clean vocals of Halford could have been better. The clean vocals should have been less raw, but maybe the rawer clean vocals suites the music better. Vocally there are also some typical hardcore shouts like in the song “Contortion”.

    It is strange when you compare War Of Words and Jugulator, Priest their first album without Halford. These albums have more in common with each other than with other Priest records. Strange! Overall, War Of Words is still a great album.

    Posted on January 30, 2010