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The Warning

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  • I couldn’t wait to get the new remastered Queensryche CDs, with Warning being the one I most wanted to hear.Granted, Operation:Mindcrime is one of the best CDs ever recorded, and it put Queensryche on top of the metal world, but that isn’t the CD I most enjoy listening to from ‘Ryche. Warning is.The uniqeness of Queensryche was hinted at on their debut album (especially with the electrifying title track), but it was first realized on Warning — an album chock-full of richness, depth, and power.For example, Geoff Tate had one of the best voices in metal at the time Warning was recorded in 1984. He had power, expressiveness and an astounding range. (How he could hit those piercing high notes, I’ll never know.) I don’t think he ever sounded better than on Warning.Another selling point for Warning is the bottom-heavy way in which it was recorded. The guitar riffs are catchy, low-slung and plentiful, Rockenfield’s bass drum is prominent, and Eddie Jackson’s bass guitar rings out in a thunderous way.And then there are the songs…Wow.Standout tracks are Warning, En Force, Deliverance, Take Hold of the Flame, and Before the Storm.Finally, the remastering. In a word, breathtaking. Each instrument is clear and crisp — with Jackson’s bass and Tate’s vocals receiving the lion’s share of the benefits of the 24-bit digital treatment.The three Bonus Tracks are nice, but I would have purchased the remastered Warning without them.If you want to know what Queensryche is all about, Warning would be a great place to start your journey.

    Posted on February 19, 2010