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  • Queen is my absolute favorite band on the planet and I am totally obsessed (as also with Freddie Mercury). I have a total of 12 Queen albums, and I plan to get more. I just picked up this one along with “A Kind Of Magic”, about 3 weeks ago, and to be quite honest from listening to the song clips, I didn’t think I was going to like this, along with the rest of Queen’s 80’s and 90’s catalog…boy was I wrong. I knew the song’s “Radio Ga Ga”, “Hammer To Fall”, and “I Want To Break Free”, from both “Queen’s Greatest Hits”, and “Classic Queen”.All of those songs, plus those 2 albums are fabulous. But the rest of the tracks literally are just as fabulous, if not even more. “Tear it Up”, is ultra heavy, and was written by Brian May. “It’s A Hard Life”, another great song, written by Mr. Mercury. “Man On The Prowl”, is reminiscent of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, which Elvis-like rockabilly. “Machines”, sounds like 80’s incorporated music. “Is This The World We Created”, is soft, melodic and beautiful…..But, my absolute,favorite track on the whole entire album has to be “Keep Passing The Open Windows”, written by the man himself, Freddie Mercury. This song is reminiscent of “Bohemian Rhapsody”, (don’t believe me?, listen to it yourself)and basically the Queen we know from the mid 70’s, featuring Freddie’s elegant, heartfelt vocals against his elegant piano playing, progressions containing pop/hard rock, choiral overdubs, guitar solos, etc, to make it short, the perfect ingredients to a perfect song. The lyrics talk about feeling lonely and thinking about the end, which I think everyone has felt, or will feel some time in their life. I hear alot of things like Brian May is the best songwriter, blah, blah,. Well, I say FORGET THAT. 2 things. I think the people who admire Brian May that way are the ones who love Queen mainly for the hard rock influence he had on the band, even though he’s written soft one’s too. Secondly, their is no better of the 2 because they both were strong songwriters, and their songwriting styles you really can’t compare because they were kind of different to begin with.But, I on the other hand love Queen mainly for Freddie Mercury, and his influence on the band. His elegance, his eccentricities, his operatic and dramatic tendencies and his indulgence, all heard in his influence of Queen’s music. I guess the moral of this this story is: to each his own.Anyway, this is an excellent album and Queen was, is, and always will be my favorite band.Thanks.

    Posted on February 1, 2010