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The World Needs a Hero

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  • A number of Megadeth’s fans gave up on them with the release of their last studio effort, RISK. Here was an album that was destined to put Megadeth on the map. This was the album that would assumed to make people aware that the foursome actually exist. The album went flat. It was not appreciated by the masses over all and it clearly made a lot of the band’s core fans actually shun them. The album was artistically original. If it had been sung by any other band out there, it would have gone multi-platinum in a month. Heck, if Michael Stipe from REM sang Ecstasy, it would have definitely hit number one. It was just not Megadeth. Period. Capitol Punishment? Let’s not get into that, shall we?With a complete revamp in management, label and a couple of band members. Megadeth comes back in a furiously strong offering. The World Needs a Hero is everyone’s dream of a good heavy album. Though not as fast and furious, the band is sure on the right track. What could be said is that they’re mainly working off the rustthey gathered when they were on their metal-free holiday.Here’s the breakdown of the songs.Disconnect: From the beginning of this song, a person can feel the poignancy and heart that was put into it. The song is definitely Dave all the way. The lyrics are strong in form and very connected. The chorus is downright thought-provoking. Music wise, it’s very solid. A nice, sweet melodic middle with a sad solo, that can actually have you hum if you listen to it for some time.The World Needs a Hero: Part of what actually makes Megadeth famous, is Dave going at it like a crazed paranoid lunatic. This song is it.Moto Psycho: Part 2 of the Japanese-released Coming Home. The song is mainly a showcase of the incredible ability DeGrasso. His drums are all over this one and he brings it with style. I think anyone else touching the song, might actually make the song unlistenable. A greatr thing about the song is that if you hear it carefully, you might notice that there is no relation between the guitars and the drums. How they work out to bring out a good song? I don’t know, but it definitely works.1000 Times Goodbye: An excellent, far-out song that you just can’t get rid of. With a minute-plus intro, the song is very strongly set. This song has the most gruesome solos ever on the album. A really good listen for all the dumped guys out there. Cheer up if your girlfriend throws your stuff out the window.Burning Bridges:Very brooding song. The song is very sinister. The guitars and the drums work on bringing out a fierce dark feel to it. I would like to think of it as the opposite of Metallica’s No Leaf Clover.Promises: I can’t and won’t really hide this. I’m in love with this song. When I first heard it, I was thinking that it’s just incredible that Megadeth have the capability of bringing out such a great tune. This song is very personal to me in a number of dimensions and the way it’s brought out is really great. The arrangement on it is just right and not too much. I guess this is Megadeth’s answer to all those who think that the band can’t bring out a ballad. The song is clearly much stronger than Metallica’s Nothing Else Matters. A lot of people think that Dave’s vocals are not right for right, but I can’t imagine anyone else singing it. Except me that is. This song is dedicated to that special someone, wherever they are.Racipe For Hate…Warhorse: The first part of this two parter is great. Dave still rants and rants like the way he’s used to. The guitars in the middle are an added mix. You will be surprised when you hear the song.Losing my Senses: A great song, but has to grow on you. A first listen won’t do it the justice it deserves. The guitars and bass are top notch.Dread and the Fugitive Mind: One of the fastest and most grueling tracks. The song is vintage Dave, but the main showcase has got to be the guitars in the end. That has got to be the best solo in a Megadeth album in years. The way it’s even built up to the solo is great. Jimmy clearly knows his drums.Silent Scorn: This instrumental is right in its place. It’s a great opener for the song after it. The song has a very sad guitar to it and a trumpet that comes out of nowhere. You’re clearly drawn into a desert with this kind of music, because right after…Return to Hangar: You’re taken back to the song that has clearly defined metal as it is. In that lonely Hangar in the desert. Hangar 18. The song is all that you might want it to be. Excellent lyrics, and out of this world music. Dave’s mid piece guitar takes you slowly into a guitar-solo fight fest between him and Al. When: Have you ever heard of the stupid, big-built brother of the family? Well this song rightfully defines that. I don’t know what Dave was trying to say by it, but it clearly did not come out right. The song gets better as you move along with it, but all in all, I think it’s not the right song to include in a comeback album.Finally, it’s safe to say that Megadeth have sure come back to take back their throne as the Kings of Metal. Not that it belonged to anyone to start with. They took the break they needed and let’s hope that they’re out of this mid-life crisis of theirs. This is a good album. If you have never heard a Megadeth album before, it’s high time you started.

    Posted on January 20, 2010