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The World Needs a Hero

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  • …Dave and co. have finally gotten a new album. Yes, I agree, It was a little bit dissapointing, but you can’t make the same album. People who want Rust In Peace, well, you’ll be dissapointed, but listen, IT WAS DONE, OK? 1 Rust in peace, that’s it! That’s all you need! If they made another, well, that wouldn’t be very creative.Anyway, here’s the review of all the songs1.Disconnnect-4. It sounds like the ol’ glory days of 1992. Fun riff, had it in my head for weeks.2.The World Needs A Hero-3.5. Great bass line! Needed more distortion, though.3.Moto Psycho-3.7; Yes, it sounds alittle mainstream, but, times change. Good riff and filler solos.4.1000 Times Goodbye-4.5; Ah, classic Megadeth riffs. A minute intro makes it all perfect.5.Burning Bridges-3. It’s ok. It sounds too old, that’s all.6.Promises-5. Everything about it is cool! Ther strings and the solos. MAN! WOW!7.Recipe For Hate/Warhorse-5. GREAT SOLOS! Very apoylitic. Nice solo by Pitrelli in the begginining.8.Losing My Senses-3.6; It’s good. But, I didn’t hear the strings.9.Dread & The Fugitive Mind-5. WOW! Great chorus and solos.10.Silent Scorn-5. VERY NICE. Good drumming and guitarwork.11.Return To Hangar-5. BETTER THAN THE ORIGINAL! SOLOS GALORE!12.When-2. The 1st 4 minutes are good, ….Anyway, a great album, all songs good except “When.” ROCK ON!

    Posted on January 20, 2010