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The Wretched Spawn

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  • Cannibal Corpse … is an introduction really necessary? Well, for starters, Cannibal Corpse perform technical, brutal Death Metal straight from America. Making use of complex riffing, tempo-changes and sheer brutality, Cannibal Corpse have come up with a truly successful formula. The Wretched Spawn, Cannibal Corpse’s latest offering is definitely what I consider to be their best recording yet.Starting off with the very Thrash-inspired Severed Head Stoning, it’s clear that Cannibal Corpse have mastered the art of Death Metal as well as flawless production. The guitar, drums, vocals and even bass all shine through on this recording not having one particular instrument over-shadow the rest.The Wretched Spawn actually shows Cannibal Corpse using a variety of song-structures, tempos and ideas. You have an extremely technical, brutal track like Frantic Disembowelment then you have tracks like Rotted Body Landslide and Decency Defied that could almost be considered, dare I say it … “catchy;” well, to a Metal fan anyhow. I’d also like to mention that not one particular member of the band dominates the writing. Jack Owen (guitar), Alex Webster (bass) and Pat O’Brien (guitar) all contribute songs on this album giving you a nice variety of writing-styles.Lyrically, well, it’s Cannibal Corpse so you can expect gore-laden themes displayed in the song titles and obviously the lyrics. As far as the seriousness, it’s brutal music with brutal lyrics. This style of music would sound quite silly with upbeat lyrics and themes … the lyrics are not meant to be taken seriously although they often are … for a reason I don’t know.The Wretched Spawn also comes with a bonus DVD that is simply awesome. I have been a musician for over eight years and I really enjoyed seeing Cannibal Corpse describe their set-ups, how the studio time works and the like. The bonus DVD is a true treat for musicians and fans alike giving you a good look into Cannibal Corpse’s studio-life. There are also some excellent jam sessions recorded for the DVD that are mind-blowing (especially Frantic Disembowelment). Basically, if you’re a musician (or a fan) you’ll definitely appreciate the bonus DVD featured here.Overall, I’d say this is possibly the best Death Metal album I’ve heard yet. If you consider yourself a Cannibal Corpse fan you are definitely missing out if you don’t pick this one up. If you are just beginning to explore brutal Death Metal, this is definitely a good place to start. Simply put, a killer album from a killer band.

    Posted on February 3, 2010