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The Wretched Spawn

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  • The title sums up Cannibal Corpse’s imagery, and while it is an artificial means to provide shock value (which, even so, still works), it nonetheless has little to do with the quality of this album, a point obviously missed by many who gave low ratings to it.

    Because the music here is excellent. It opens with Severed Head Stoning, which rips your face off with a brutally fast tempo that is too awesome to skip. It then continues to lead into highly variable-sounding songs that range from slow to mid-paced to fast again. There are no songs that sound like clones.

    The guitars prove themselves worthy of playing the demandingly fast riffs while being able to sound more slowly sonorous in songs like ‘Festering in the Crypt.’ The drums, remarkably, can actually keep up with the fast paces when they need to (which couldn’t be said of much of Cannibal Corpse’s previous work) but can also compliment the slower riffs of the guitars when it needs to. The vocals, though not quite as low-sounding as Fisher’s previous vocal-work, are more comprehensible and thus are more capable of being sung with.

    The lyrics may sometimes sound a bit cheesy (part of this is due to the fact that you can distinguish the words more easily from previous works), as the rhyming structure is less subtle than on previous albums. Even so though, Cannibal Corpse has proven that you can indeed beat a dead horse by somehow still coming out with relatively original lyrics about rape, torture and murder even after 8 previous albums of the same thing. And though occasionally cheesy, it still works for the most part. Besides, whatever Cannibal Corpse loses on lyrics they more than make up for on the very professional-sounding musicianship and production.

    The only substantial objection is that a lot of their songs are a bit short. None on here break the 5 minute mark either (sadly.)

    If you like death metal at all, then you will appreciate this. If you are a Cannibal Corpse fan, then you will most certainly appreciate this. If you are some idiot who is going to judge the quality of music on artwork, you will appreciate my fist in your face as you shut the hell up.

    Posted on February 3, 2010