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The Wretched Spawn

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  • I find it funny that most “metal fans” get on here and write reviews, bashing bands for sounding the same all the time. How many times have you heard “Vader and Cannibal Corpse keep putting out the same album every year, its getting old”. Funny, but the minute one of these bands go out and change their syle or sound, you will also be the first to say, “THEY SOLD OUT”. So tell me kids, witch is it? Do you want your band to stay true to their roots, and not become mainstream, or do you want them to go soft like Metallica? You see, bands like Cannibal corpse and Vader keep putting out these type of albums, because thats what made their fans love them. They are not trying to reach out to the “band wagon kids”, or the casual fan like you. I once loved Metallica, but when i heard that Load ablum, i said thats it, they have died in my eyes. Metallica forgot who got them there, who their real fans were. They wanted MTV and pop success. True they make more money, but the hard core fans are long gone. They have no loyalty now, just kids who will listen for a while , then jump to the next big thing that comes out on MTV. Cannibal Corpse and Vader will always have their legions, no matter what, because they did not choose to sell out. So understand kids, these guys arent trying to convert anybody over, they already have fans. So, if you like them, you will enjoy this album. I dont give it 5 stars only because they should have just put out the special edition, witch is outstanding with the dvd and worm infested included, and not this version. Once again though, these guys are legendary for a reason, if you are a death metal fan, you should respect their place in history, if nothing else.

    Posted on February 3, 2010