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The Years of Decay

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  • When the Years of Decay was first released, I approached it with caution, since I wasn’t happy with “Under the Influence” “Under the Influence” Seemed like a far cry from “Feel the Fire”, “Taking Over”, and the EP “F**K You”. I had no idea that “The Years of Decay” would not only completly wipe out “Under the Influence” it became their best out of the bunch (Horroscope didn’t exist yet, so I am just comparing it to the first 4 albums) SO here were are 14yrs later since its release, and it deserves to be called a classic. Even though its not quite as good as it was 14yrs ago, I still think it is a really solid album and defines the days of Thrash Metal. I believe every Nu Metal fan should have this in thier collection, as most of the younger artist today probely grew up listening to the likes of Overkill and great 80’s Thrash. It is a Metal Masterpiece, and it existed in a time that the only place metal heads could get thier daily dose of Metal was LP’s, CD’s (if you have the 300Bucks for a player and the 25bucks a pop for the disc), and of course our cassetes. Not to mention the fact we only had Saturday Nights of MTV’s Headbangers Ball, or some College Radio stations that spun Metal on weekends late night (anyone from Jersey Remember 89.5 WSOU, in Newark?????) SO I urge all Metal fans to add this to thier collection and own a piece of history!!

    Posted on February 3, 2010