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Them VS. You VS. Me

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  • Ok, lets get this out of the way real quick: Them vs. You vs. Me is NOT Tip, nor is it Greyest of Blue Skies, nor is it Finger Eleven: Self Titled…it is Them vs. You vs. Me. At first listen I, like many other people, started wondering after about 5 tracks if this was actually Finger Eleven. This record is not bad, it’s different, and depending how you look at it, being different can be good or it can be bad. Finger Eleven will lose fans with this record, however let me be the first to point out one thing: Each F11 cd sounds different. No one can ever say F11 released “4 albums that all sounded the same”, which you could say with alot of bands, perhaps those with an established sound. So with that said, I would be hard pressed to find many people that like the sound of all the records, however you have to give it to a band that it willing to use new sounds and expand their horizons.

    I don’t think this record is “radio friendly”, and I think the lyrics are still meaningful and thoughtful, as they have always been with F11. If this record was “radio friendly” then all the songs would sound like “one thing”, which was their mainstream radio hit. I would say the closest to “one thing” is “i’ll keep your memory vague” which is a good ballad if i must say.

    I’m still listening to this cd and allowing it to grow on me, and I think it will. My advice to anyone who has not heard F11 before “one thing” or “paralyzer” is to pick up Greyest of Blue Skies, and to not expect this record to sound entirely like “paralyzer”. To those who have heard F11 before, judge this record as a new entity..NOT in comparison to their previous work.

    Posted on February 16, 2010