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  • “Them” is the best King Diamond release to date. I cannot agree with anyone who puts “Abigail” or “Conspiracy” above this album. “Them” contains an element that other K.D. releases lack. Each song has a fresh, non-repetitive sound in the structure. “Abigail” and “Conspiracy” are great albums, but “Them” reaches beyond great. “Abigail” was marketed extremely hard, which translates into much of its appeal. There is more depth, more attitude, and more velocity to “Them” than other albums. The crunch is harder, the melodies more complex, and King’s vocal range seems to cover a larger spectrum than other releases (he has mastered the deep, grunting vocal effects on this album that were missing on “Abigail” but were prevalent with early Mercyful Fate releases). The loss of Michael Denner seems to be in King’s best interest. Considering that Andy LaRoque is the premier guitarist for King, and that Michael Denner was never a terrific guitarist for King or M.F., the addition of Pete Blakk was a wise decision. Pete brought an innovative, outside conviction to King’s lineup that proved to satisfy the demands of an ever-changing style of music. Mickey Dee shines on this album better than any other work. Dee’s work on “Conspiracy” is almost as notable, even though he wasn’t given formal credit for recording “Conspiracy.” In short, “Abigail” is classic, largely due to the air time it received from a few well-produced and well-timed videos and singles. “Them” seems to be overlooked because it lacked the marketing that carried “Abigail” to popularity. This album will satisfy all speed/thrash enthusiasts who pine for the best that King Diamond’s solo career can offer.

    Posted on November 14, 2009