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  • After the underground success of “Abigail”, the Master of Horror Metal is back! “Them” isn’t as brilliant as “Abigail”, but it is incredibly enjoyable, as King throws himself into his second epic album. King presents us with a story about his Grandmother returning from the nut house, and causing havoc to his mother and sister with horrifying results. Musically, it took me a little time to really get into it when it first came out, but “Them” has completely warmed up to me over the years. Although, Denner and Hansen have left Diamond, Pete Blakk is an excellent replacement for Denner, and Hal Patino ain’t no Timi! Mickey Dee is still in top form on the drums in every song! Songs like “Welcome Home”, “The Invisible Guests”, “Bye-Bye, Missy”, “A Broken Spell”, and “Them” really stand out. “Tea” has a nice 3/4 beat to it, and “Mother’s Getting Weaker” is only the first of things to come by the brilliant Andy LaRocque. Great keyboard effects only enhance the music. And “Conspiracy”, the sequel, is even better!

    Posted on November 14, 2009