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There Is Nothing Left to Lose

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  • We’ll start in the beginning: Stacked Actors, the controversial song said to be about Courtney Love, is probably one of the heaviest songs that the Foo Fighters ever wrote. It ranks up there with I’ll Stick Around, Weenie Beenie, and Monkey Wrench. Breakout was my favorite song before I got the album because it was so nice. This song sounds very poppy, but it’s punkish at the same time. Learn To Fly, the current hit, is wonderful. 3 chord songs don’t ALWAYS suck, as this one demonstrates. The beginning Gimme Stitches sounds sort of like “Slow Ride” by Foghat. Great song. Generator, my guess on the first single, employs the talkbox, made famous by Peter Frampton. It sounds like Garbage’s “When I Grow Up” in the middle. I didn’t expect that from this, but it’s very pleasant. Aurora is beyond description. The music is magical, the vocals are beautiful, everything. Definitely the opus of the album. Live-In Skin is one of the underappreciated songs, but it’s great nonetheless. It sounds like old Rush stuff. Next Year, I’m convinced, is a Christmasy sounding song. Very well put together. Headwires, my other favorite, is also Rush-esque, but newer sounding. ‘Tis on the same plane with Learn To Fly, except this is more of a “sit back and listen to the tunes” tune rather than “rock out and scream” song. Ain’t It The Life is a VERY country-influenced song, but it’s wonderful. Interesting steel guitar solo in the middle. Then M.I.A. is very good in the typical Foo Fighters album closer mindset. It is a powerful and charming song. If you are an open-minded Foo Fighters fan, get this album. And make sure you put the disc in your comp and try out the ECD stuff!

    Posted on December 30, 2009