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There Is Nothing Left to Lose

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  • This is a very good CD. The thing I love so much about this CD, is not the vocals, but the awesome music. The guitars and the drums go so well together and they never lose the beat. Let’s get a run down of this CD:1.)Stacked Actors ~ This is one of my favorite songs. Great energy and makes you want to break something. Woohooo! 5/52.)Breakout ~ Another one of my favorites. This song also has that energy that makes you feel powerful. 5/53.)Learn To Fly ~ The first single released from this album. A pure rock classic. Yummy! 5/54.)Gimme Stitches ~ This is one of those songs with incredible guitar music and makes you want to dance. Good lyrics also. 5/55.)Generator ~ Different, but cool sounding at the beginning, and keeps a midtempo beat. 4/56.)Aurora ~ This is the albums first “ballad”. More sensitive lyrics and more relaxing. 4/57.)Live-In Skin ~ Back to more in your face music. This is a great one to play loud. Good lyrics on this on too. 4/58.)Next Year ~ This is my favorite song on this album. Another slower one, but still has enough energy to keep you interested. Good lyrics and a steady beat. 5/59.)Headwires ~ This is a midtempo song. This is a really good song with cool lyrics, and the best part is the chorus. 4/510.)Ain’t It The Life ~ Good drum beat and good lyrics. Also more relaxing. 4/511.)M.I.A. ~ Good end for the album. A slower song to end out the album which is always a good way to end. Gets more powerful in the chorus. This is one of those songs that is good to listen to real loud. 5/5The foo fighters are a great band with a lot of talent and you should buy this CD today if you don’t already have it. It’s really cool how they can do really powerful energetic songs and also do slower songs, and no matter which it is, they always sound good, and that is the bottom line.

    Posted on December 31, 2009