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There Is Nothing New Under the Sun

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  • *note* – this review is for the cd as it was originally released: a seven song led zepplin covers ep. since that time they have re-released it with extra tracks including different versions of two of the same songs, as well as six tracks covering other bands. i have not listened to the added material and therefore cannot comment on it.

    when i first heard this album was coming out i thought the concept was awesome. what kind of messed up stuff is coalesce gonna do to led zepplin? i imagined them dissecting, rearranging, and generally repossesing the blueprints for their own angular use (like what devo did with the stones satisfaction). after all, if youre gonna bother covering something, make it your own.
    instead coalesce plays these songs as straight-laced as possible, including heavy use of acoustic guitar. of course, sean ingrams vox being what they are dont make much of an aproximation for robert plants, so he gets some painfully earnest sounding fellow to back him up. i listened to this album twice before returning it, the second time just because i couldnt beleive what i was hearing. this album is the equivalent of musical suicide. i actually became embarrased while listening to it. i was a pretty big fan of theirs before this came out, but now i have a hard time even hearing their other stuff, so bad was the taste this left. if you like coalesce, steer the hell clear of this one. dont even curiously listen to the samples. what you hear, you cant un-hear. im giving this one star only because i cant give it less.

    Posted on March 17, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now