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Thin Lizzy

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  • Thin Lizzy never wanted to be a world famous band. Somewhere along the path of their musical journey, it just happened. They were never afraid to play fast, hard-hitting music, but before the hit singles and worldwide fame, Thin Lizzy was just an Irish rock band; a very good one, as it turned out. This debut album sounds nothing like Thin Lizzy at the peak of their popularity. Before the twin lead guitars and rock n roll mentality, Thin Lizzy played a brand of electric folk that was second to none. The band has a more laid back feel here; Songs are given the time to tell stories and create images that have a certain resonance, the aural equivalent of old photographs that stir fond, forgotten memories for the listener.The lyrics are some of Phil Lynott’s best,moving beyond simple song lyrics to actual poetry and storytelling put to music. We as listeners are treated to viginettes of characters’ lives, given glimpses of intriguing locales, invited to share in a lot of the emotions being conveyed. I would compare the simple, bittersweet lyrics of “Dublin” to some of the best poetry I’ve ever read. All of this conveyed by the voice of Phil Lynott; at turns passionate, longing, and more vulnerable than perhaps he has ever sounded since. This album is not a rocker; many fans will be turned off by its electric folk, prog sound. However, this could be Lizzy’s deepest, most layered work. Repeated listens will yield new favorites, new appreciation of certain lyrics’ phrasing. As is the case with good wine and good women, I find this album gets better with age.

    Posted on December 15, 2009