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Things Falling Apart

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  • In a nutshell, if you liked Fragile and desire more dance-friendly rhythms, this is it. Sonically, this halo is vastly different from the harsh, industrial “Fixed.” TFA is far more ambient but yet retains enough drum and bass beats to keep even less crazed-NIN fans interested. I would have given this disc 5 stars if not for the second two star***ers inc versions and metal. I was not particulaly impressed with those three tracks because I felt they don’t add/expand to the quality of the originals as the other remixes do. Nevertheless, the beauty and musical intensity of the first three tracks is well worth the price alone.

    Posted on February 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Just like to say the editor review disgusted me to the point of writing this. The fragile is quite possibly trents best NIN album and Starf*kers is NOT one of the strongest songs on it. Maybe if the editor stopped listening to the pop 100 singles and took time to listen to the album hed realize songs like La Mer, Into the Void, Underneath it All, and Somewhat Damaged are trent at his best. Things Falling apart is a decent remix of these songs but not as interesting as The Fragile from which these songs are based.

    Posted on February 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Recently had the comical misfortune of reading a review posted here while listening to this EP. Mathew Cooke – I’d like to hear your latest work of genius. Mr. Reznor is a hard-working man, and the fact that he still fills, feels out, explores and expands the spot in society he carved out for himself a decade ago, says a lot for him as an artist. Although I haven’t got Reznor’s authorization on this, it seems that there are great themes he wishes to explore at length, and thus each album is more of an update than a desperate dash at something altogether different. I, for one, enjoy his work, look forward to these updates whenever they may come along. If you (amazon shopper) also have a deep love and respect for the melancholly dane of 1990’s music, as he pushes on for new insights in the year 2000, you’ll find this album to be both worthy and enjoyable.

    Posted on February 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Trent Reznor has been accompanying his major releases with remix CDs since 1992, and Things Falling Apart, the remix album of The Fragile, continues this tradition. Also continuing in that tradition, this disc seeks to reinterpret songs so they can be seen in a new light. It’s clear that Trent has allowed his remixers to take risks with their source material, and, as expected, the results are mixed (no pun intended).Several of the remixes are quite good, with a few of them being equal in quality to the tracks on The Fragile (“Slipping Away,” “The Frail (version)”). However, the interpretations of “Star****ers, Inc.” are not quite as successful, particularly Adrian Sherwood’s mix (track 4). Sherwood has not done a bad job, it’s just that it sounds like he tried to remix “Star****ers” so it would sound nice on a dance floor, which is not the point of NIN remixes. As a result, this track sticks out like a sore thumb.Trent has also made the unusual choice of providing some original material: “The Great Collapse” is a “Fragile” outtake, “Metal” is a Gary Numan cover that is injected with Trent’s mix of humanity and alienation, and “10 Miles High (version),” while not technically new (the original was on the vinyl edition of The Fragile), is not owned by many NIN fans. These songs are rather good, though whether they belong on a “remix” disc is up for debate.But whatever its faults, TFA remains NIN’s most accessable remix album to date. It is certainly worth checking out if you liked “The Fragile.”

    Posted on February 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • 2 Stars for the casual NIN fan.
    4 Stars for the hardcore fan, especially fans of “The Fragile.”

    Halo 16 “Things Fall Apart” (2000) consists of remixes from Nine Inch Nails third studio album “The Fragile” (1999, Halo 14). It’s a bit hard to rate this EP. Its merit really depends on where you’re coming from. If you don’t own “The Fragile” or aren’t a fan of it, you most likely are not going to be into this EP. You’ll probably find it to be masturbatory and tedious. However, if you do like “The Fragile,” “Things Fall Apart” makes for an excellent companion piece. It offers atmospheric, intriguing takes on selections from “The Fragile.” The opening “Slipping Away” is an especially cool and haunting warped remix of the excellent “Into the Void.” A version of Gary Numan’s “Metal” (unrelated to “The Fragile”) outshines the original and stands as one of Reznor’s greatest covers. Probably the one drawback to this otherwise very cool EP is that there are three remixes of “Starf.cker Inc.” It would have been better if only one remix were included, to make space for remixes of other songs instead. Still, it doesn’t hinder the EP too much. It would also have been great if this EP included the original versions of “The New Flesh” and “10 Miles High,” as they are otherwise hard to come by (only available on part I of “We’re in this Together,” Halo 15).

    If you are just a causal fan, this will probably be a big disappointment. However if you are a Halo collector and a big NIN fan, this EP is highly recommended as it makes an excellent supplement to “The Fragile.”

    Posted on February 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now