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Third Stage

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  • I’ll never forget walking into a record store in Lake Havasu, Arizona as I waited for the mechanic to finish my oil change and spotted what I was certain was a hallucination…a brand new Boston album! I had heard rumors for YEARS they were recording a new record, but c’mon! How many times can you keep hearing the same ‘rumor’ and STILL believe it? I was beginning to believe that Boston was finished as a group…but there it was, right in front of me! ‘Third Stage’ made its debut in October of 1986…and as I sat there looking at the display at the store I suddenly realized something truly shocking to me: I was FLAT BROKE. Talk about a monumental paradox. I wasn’t about to steal it, so it was a while before I was able to actually buy it and savor my first taste of one of my favorite bands after so many years of listening and re-listening to their first two albums. Let’s leap-frog ahead a few years…I am now in radio and I manage to actually get PAID to have fun and listen to music I love (including Boston…) and I STILL love this CD. Is it as good as their first release? No WAY! But is it a great CD??? Without A DOUBT. Each track has something to offer in its own way and I have to hand it to Dave for doing such a great job on the arrangements and anyone who doesn’t view Brad Delp as easily one of THE GREATEST Rock & Roll singers has got rocks for brains! Talk about a crisp and clean voice with a range that would make Pavarotti jealous…just check out ‘Cool The Engines’, ‘We’re Ready’ and ‘Can’tcha Say (You Believe In Me)’ great stand-out tracks aside from the incredible radio airplay of ‘Amanda’, which is a superior song, but not necessarily MY personal favorite on the record. Sure these guys take a LOOOOOOOOONG time in-between album releases, but if that’s what it takes to produce an incredible album like ‘Third Stage’ I anxiously await the next release sometime just before Haley’s Comet reaches earth again…HIGHLY recommended.

    Posted on November 25, 2009