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  • well,well,well my boys Whitechapel have finally grown up, I quickly became a fan of them last year with their previous release the somatic defilement, with its extremmly instense bass drops and breakdowns but the thing i loved most was the lyrics though you would think their would be alot of bands out there with lyrics about murder and Rape in todays scene where its mostly dominated emo’ish death metal wannabes there are very few bands that truly stand out whitechapel is one such band,and on there lastest release on the mighty metal blade records, we find that not much has changed since their first albu.Sure there are still Big breakdowns and nasty lyrics but at the same time so much is different.The vocals are more brutal with more low than high this time around, the temo is faster,the songs are more grandoise,and the lyrucs in my opion no matter how satanic are veryh well thought out and tell a very intresting story.One of the very big changes whitechapel incorparated into this latest effort is one I do not ever wish for them to take out that is the introduction of the very simple yet completly mesmerizing guitar solo there are quite a few in this one nne ever to long and drawn out but ebough to sound awesome.overall this album is defefiantely atep up for them its obvisouly more tech, mature, and those who liked the somatic defilement will have no trobuble picking this one up there is not a bad track.and those who were that this would be totally diffrent in a bad way need not worry this ablum is extremmly solid and highly recommend this to anyone into death metal. it is one of the best albums in along time I am not just saying that I mean with all my heart I was complety captivated every time I listen to it I just close my eyes and listen to the music.

    Posted on February 1, 2010