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This Is Exile

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  • I first heard Whitechapel when I heard the song “This Is Exile” on Music Choice Metal last year, and it really caught me by surprise, and afterwards I ended up going out and buying their 2008 release “This Is Exile” (which is their second overall release and their first with the mighty Metal Blade), and I was very impressed, as it really grew on me. I really enjoy this album alot, it’s just that good, no questions asked. Hailing from Knoxville, Tennessee, Whitechapel is a six-piece deathcore unit that are more death metal sounding than metalcore, heck I wouldn’t even consider them as a metalcore band. I find them to be one of the better bands to emerge from today’s deathcore scene (which has really become popular as of late). I also enjoy some other few deathcore bands such as The Red Chord, Despised Icon and All Shall Perish as well. Now I’ll get right to the album. This album definately caught me by surprise, it’s just brutal, vicious, and bone crushing, with a sound that is ruthless, unforgiving and downright evil. Phil Bozeman has an extremely awesome vocal range with a great mix of sick, evil low gutteral shouts/growls and wicked high pitched shrieks, he really sounds like he’s out to get you. The guitars are a huge standout on here, and yes, there are three guitarists in this band: Zach Householder, Ben Savage, and Alex Wade. I know it’s kinda unecessary for a band to have three guitarists, but these three guys work together very well with some surprising results. The riffs are awesome along with some nice tremelo picking, and the breakdowns are just brutal and massively crushing throughout. And yes, there’s even some solos on here as well, and very good solos at that especially on the brutally vicious opener “Father of Lies” which has a great solo around 1:41 which is followed by some cool melodic tremelo riffage. Bassist Gabe Crisp and drummer Kevin Lane both provide an excellent rhythm section. Gabe’s bass rhythms flow very well with the triple guitar onsluaght, and Kevin shows his great talents behind the drums with ferocious blasting beats, and he also does well with the double bass as well. The title cut is easily my favorite song on here which features brutally crushing riffs, pounding drums and some massive crushing breakdowns especially one around 3:04. Phil’s vocals are just excellent on this track as well. “Exalt” is another highlight that features guest vocals from Guy Kozowyk of The Red Chord, as well as some great double bass kicking, more crushing riffs/breakdowns and a nice melodic solo. “Possession” is another song I like that features evil, vicious vocals from Phil especially during a crushing breakdown at 2:44 where he goes “WE ARE THE DISEASE!!”. “To All That Are Dead” is highighted by another awesome vocal performance by Mr. Bozeman, as well as more ferocious blasting by Kevin, and another fantastic guitar solo to boot. Other worthy mentionable song on here include “Eternal Refuge”, “Somatically Incorrect”, and “Messiahbolical”.

    Overall, I thought “This Is Exile” was a great worthy listenable deathcore release that really caught me by surprise and blew my mind away. I definately recommend this album to any fan of deathcore, death metal, or just bone crushing extreme metal period. THIS is indeed proof that there is good deathcore out there. Enjoy!!

    Posted on February 2, 2010