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  • It’s not metalcore. It’s not death metal. It’s DEATHCORE!!! In a genre that is usually overrated, one band breaks the mold and delivers something incredibly unique and intense and that is WHITECHAPEL!

    Phil’s vocals have more range than a bass pro’s fishing rod.

    Breakdowns don’t even feel like traditional breakdowns in that they feel so much more evil (a word that is used quite often to describe the feeling of Whitechapel’s music). In fact, this is the most evil-sounding metal album I own that is not black metal.

    I’d say the general theme of the album (lyrically) is taking over the world, something that this band will likely do if they keep sounding as good as they do!

    I’ve seen them live and that is quite an experience also! The pit goes insane for Whitechapel (especially since I saw them in their hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee)!

    Even if you don’t like most of the deathcore bands, you should give Whitechapel a chance! They might surprise you as they have surprised me!


    Posted on February 2, 2010