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This Is It: The Best of Faith No More

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  • This album is definintly a better greatest hits compilation than who cares a lot, for the simple reason it includes the cowboy song and anne’s song, two of their best songs. but still, wheres everythings ruined? maybe they’re leaving it out for the next best of. chuck moseley is the heart of faith no more aswell as mike patton, whoever said he wasnt. and its great theres a few more tracks with him here. fantastic. five stars, cos well, it is faith no more. oh and too all the numetal kids who deny faith no mores influence, listen to a perfect crime. then compare with drowning pools bodies. complete rip off if you ask me. keep the faith, heheh

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  • It runs at an impressive 79 minutes and 40 seconds. Only twenty seconds shy of using the full 80 minutes of space. Well, with 19 songs (just 4 songs less than the double “Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits” double CD) it would need all the space it can allow.This is a greatest hits package just like the “Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits”, and it does have some of the same songs.The tracks that appear on both CD compilations are:1. We Care A Lot (but a different version)2. Introduce Yourself3. From Out Of Nowhere4. Epic 5. Falling To Pieces6. Midlife Crisis7. A Small victory8. Easy9. Digging The Grave10. Evidence11. Last Cup Of Sorrow12. Ashes To Ashes So that leaves seven other songs that is not on the “WCAL? TGH” double CD. They are:1. Arabian Disco2. Anne’s Song3. War Pigs4. The Cowboy Song5. As The Worm Turns (Live 1990)6. Be Agressive7. The Perfect CrimeThe songs that were on the “WCAL? TGH” CD are:1. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies2. I Started A Joke3. Stripsearch4. World Is Yours5. Hippie Jam Song6. Instrumental7. I Won’t Forget You8. Introduce Yourself (4-track demo)9. Highway Star10. Theme From Midnight Cowboy11. This Guy’s In Love With You(depending on which version of the CD you own.The good things on this CD (“This Is It..”) is ‘The Perfect Crime’ previously available only on the Bill & Ted Bogus Journey Soundtrack CD, and ‘Be Aggressive’ from the “Angel Dust” CD, which is my personal favorite track off of that CD.These are contract fulfillment related releases obviously, as I am not sure that this is what Faith No More fans would ask for, (a consecutive release Greatest package only within a couple of years), a live CD, or even a live DVD would have been better.It has a very cool booklet and funny pictures throughout the CD artwork. The booklet contains a Faith No More biography, and a pretty good one at that.What I did not like about this CD is the inclusion of 4 songs with previous frontman Chuck Mosley (pre-Real Thing). It’s not that he is a bad singer or even entertaining because he is, but Mike Patton is where the magic begins, and verythiong the man touches is filled with the same magic. I guess I would recommend this CD, although I hate to recommend any rehashed compilation. I would rather point someone toward “Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits” but this has some important songs on here as well, and is not a bad place for a beginner to start learning about Faith No More.

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  • To label a compilation as being the definitive “Best of” for a particular group is always a little bit risky. Each fan will have their favourite tracks based on their own personal tastes and experience. And when the band in question is Faith No More, the problem is taken to a whole other level again. Fans of the band will know that FNM were a sonically diverse band that danced around the boundaries of genre, good taste and listenability throughout all their seven full-length albums. Even the casual listener who only knows the band from big hits like Epic and Easy will be surprised by the musical diversity demonstrated in this compilation alone.But why do we need another FNM compilation? Who Cares A Lot: The Greatest Hits was released not that long after the bands much-lamented demise. Who Cares A Lot was really a singles compilation, which didn’t really make an effort to show case the highlights of the Chuck Mosley albums, We Care A Lot and Introduce Yourself or the greatest diversity of the band beyond the scope of the singles they released.At their best FNM was pure musical alchemy pulling together the diverse tastes of the band members. Just like the image of the man being drawn and quartered in the Midlife Crisis video, each band member was always pulling the band in diverse musical directions, but always under pinning it all is the driving rhythms of Bill Gould, Roddy Bottum and Mike “Puffy” Bordin. Listen to the difference from As the Worm Turn to Anne’s Song to Midlife Crisis to Evidence to see the fusion coming together with golden results.If Devo can call themselves “Pioneers Who Got Scalped”, then Faith No More must also be able to claim such a mantle. Patton’s vocal delivery and the sonic blend of grinding guitars and pounding synths would definitely pave the way for the mainstream acceptance of NuMetal and Industrial Music in the late 90’s.As seems to be der rigeur for “Best Ofs” these days “This Is It….” promises unreleased tracks that you can’t find anywhere else. In this case we have a live, Mike Patton, version of As the Worm Turns, The Cowboy Song from Live at Brixton and The Perfect Crime from the sound track to Bill & Teds Bogus Journey. All three of these tracks are fantastic. As the Worm Turns is a great track from the band’s debut album. The Cowboy Song & The Perfect Crime are two lost gems from the Real Thing-era, which have gone unnoticed for far too long.While not being a definitive guide to FNM it is still a far more comprehensive epitaph to a brilliant career of a seminal 90s band than “Who Cares A Lot”. Ideal for both long time fans and casual listeners, I can’t recommend this album and the rest of the bands back catalogue more highly.

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  • Though imperfect, this disc should appeal to newcomers, or fanatics looking for rare tracks. This is missing many good songs, but as far as the “hits” go, everything is here. Included is their big break “Epic”, “We Care Alot”, “Midlife Crisis”, “Evidence”, and “Last Cup Of Sorrow”. Plus this has many other great album cuts, and a few hard to find songs. Your other option would be the “Greatest Hits”. That’s a solid 15 track disc of hits, and a 2nd disc of extras. That would probably be my choice. Or you could always just get “Angel Dust”, their best album. But this collection is a lengthy 19 tracks, and is an “Easy” way to see the “Evidence” of how their success came “From Out Of Nowhere” before they started “Falling To Pieces”.

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  • I’ve never really been a fan of “Greatist Hits” or “Best Of” compilation albums. It seems to me that the only purpose they serve is to milk an artist for all they’re worth just to make a few bucks. Not only that, but a lot of the time you pass up on some of the artists best work just so you can get an album filled with stuff you’ve probably heard before. Luckily for us, “This Is It: The Best Of Faith No More” contains most of the best FNM songs, but it is missing some of my favorites like the tremenously underrated “Just A Man” (from “King for a day, Fool for a Lifetime”) and “Everything’s Ruined”.”This Is It…” begins with four songs from the Chuck Mosley era, including the band’s first small hit, “We Care A Lot”. Even though Mosley’s vocals can be a bit annoying, and the song writing wasn’t that great then, the band truely shows off their talent by sometimes single-handedly saving songs that were going nowhere with Mosley on them. The one thing that Mosley had going for him was that he could come up with some catchy choruses for tracks like “Anne’s Song” and the sarcastic humor in “We Care A Lot” is hard not to love.Next we have five songs from the band’s second most popular album, “The Real Thing”. This includes FNM’s biggest hit and the song that most people probably know them for: “Epic”. While that song, with it’s somewhat annoying and repetitive bass playing, didn’t showcase the full amount of talent that the band had, it did give them loads media recognition. The cover of Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” is also a great showcase of how well guitarist Jim Martin can really play.The band’s best and most popular album, “Angeldust” is showcased next with the songs “Midlife Crisis” (Truely, the best song FNM has ever done), “A Small Victory”, and “Be Agressive” (A keyboard dominated song with hilarious lyrics).It should also be noted that, like any compilation album, “This is It…” contains three songs that weren’t on any of the band’s L.P.s. “As The Worm Turns” was originally a FNM song sung by Chuck Mosley, but in this live version, Patton really takes the song and makes it his own. “The Cowboy Song” has a great chorus but “The Perfect Crime” (originally off of the Bill & Ted’s Bogus Adventure soundtrack) is somewhat boring, although I do love singing some of the lyrics to it.Overall, this is a great showing of some of FNM’s best songs (the booklet that comes with it is fantastic as well, detailing the band’s long history) . However, if you’re only interested in getting one FNM compilation album, I’d suggest getting “Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits” instead. It has better songs on it and a 2nd disc featuring 8 rare tracks.

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