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This Is It: The Best of Faith No More

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  • It runs at an impressive 79 minutes and 40 seconds. Only twenty seconds shy of using the full 80 minutes of space. Well, with 19 songs (just 4 songs less than the double “Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits” double CD) it would need all the space it can allow.This is a greatest hits package just like the “Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits”, and it does have some of the same songs.The tracks that appear on both CD compilations are:1. We Care A Lot (but a different version)2. Introduce Yourself3. From Out Of Nowhere4. Epic 5. Falling To Pieces6. Midlife Crisis7. A Small victory8. Easy9. Digging The Grave10. Evidence11. Last Cup Of Sorrow12. Ashes To Ashes So that leaves seven other songs that is not on the “WCAL? TGH” double CD. They are:1. Arabian Disco2. Anne’s Song3. War Pigs4. The Cowboy Song5. As The Worm Turns (Live 1990)6. Be Agressive7. The Perfect CrimeThe songs that were on the “WCAL? TGH” CD are:1. Gentle Art Of Making Enemies2. I Started A Joke3. Stripsearch4. World Is Yours5. Hippie Jam Song6. Instrumental7. I Won’t Forget You8. Introduce Yourself (4-track demo)9. Highway Star10. Theme From Midnight Cowboy11. This Guy’s In Love With You(depending on which version of the CD you own.The good things on this CD (“This Is It..”) is ‘The Perfect Crime’ previously available only on the Bill & Ted Bogus Journey Soundtrack CD, and ‘Be Aggressive’ from the “Angel Dust” CD, which is my personal favorite track off of that CD.These are contract fulfillment related releases obviously, as I am not sure that this is what Faith No More fans would ask for, (a consecutive release Greatest package only within a couple of years), a live CD, or even a live DVD would have been better.It has a very cool booklet and funny pictures throughout the CD artwork. The booklet contains a Faith No More biography, and a pretty good one at that.What I did not like about this CD is the inclusion of 4 songs with previous frontman Chuck Mosley (pre-Real Thing). It’s not that he is a bad singer or even entertaining because he is, but Mike Patton is where the magic begins, and verythiong the man touches is filled with the same magic. I guess I would recommend this CD, although I hate to recommend any rehashed compilation. I would rather point someone toward “Who Cares A Lot? The Greatest Hits” but this has some important songs on here as well, and is not a bad place for a beginner to start learning about Faith No More.

    Posted on December 12, 2009