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This Is Love, This Is Murderous

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  • I am reminded why most peoples opions arn’t worth listening to. Ok so lets go back to 97 I think it was.. with what was my favorite hardcore album, and that had such a metal vibe I supose you could throw it into to metalcore genre, and that was strifes, in this defiance. This was my all time fav, and as I listen to BT album I can hear alot of strifes influence in thier work, but to say they ripped them off isn’t acurate as there again are alot of difrrent influences in this album. To me alot of what was once called newschool hardcore always bored me to tears.. Personaly it was old school NYC hardcore that always intrested me the most. Earth Crisis had such a huge impact on hardcore yet had to be the most boring music I had heard at that time. It wasn’t until the last album did I even bother to listen to them. I to this day still don’t like hatebreed. The first album was ok, but perseverance suffered the same problems that alot of pure newschool hardcore does as it sounds to me like a chugging contest with random power chords at monotnous speeds. Perseverance was good message but… bored me. I see the problem people have with some of the songs, sounding to similar but even tho they are, to me can still hold my intrest longer than a lot of things. I supose if you really hate metalcore then you should be blaming strife for that. Though at the time it wasn’t called metalcore, but I see so much of it in BT music. I have been gone from this scene for 5-6 years, and what marked my return was this album. Funny only to see people trash it. I also love the haunted and respect them highly and I don’t see why the haunted would make any postive comments about them for no reason.

    I give this album 4 stars only because as much as I liked the rather omonius sounding key boards, they could use some refinement, the clean vocals were excellent yet not used enough. Unfortnatly if they used the clean vocals more, more people would say they are ateryu rip offs, when BT came first. And concerning ateryu, they are not metal core (well the curse really wasn’t) and my personal opions about them is that thier clean vocals sound alot of times really gay and the whole goth influence ruins alot of songs with gay lyrics and melodies and that there are lot of more intresting metal bands. And lastly four stars for a few weak songs and the last one I belive it was with the overly exsesive cursing.

    But the lyrics? I can’t tell you how much I can relate to them. I am a dignosed schizophrenic and the doctor told me go see a psycatrist yet he didn’t refill the anti depressant I was on so I got dropped off it, got severly depressed, trying to come to tearms with my new found illness and my girlfriend who I needed more then ever before and I to this day will never need anyone that much ever again, said to me she couldn’t be there for me because of her dream to be in broadway and this play was eatting up all her time. Ya so she let me go crazy, sucidal, and I ended up in the hospital, and did she ever vist me? Never and she came back later to me explaining how it was my fault and she was willing to forgive me!…. That was the first time in my life that I felt like I wanted to kill some one….

    But this is an opion and most opions are worthless if you ask me and nobody should waste their time listening and letting other people make up thier minds for them. If you listen to it and like what you hear, you shouldn’t have to waste your time listening to other people anyhow. Go to trustkill records, there are a few free songs. I only write this as a means of damage control and the fact that I refuse to let people trash perfectly good music.

    Posted on November 27, 2009