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This Is Thirteen

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  • this is exactly what anvil fans want, grown people can and do listen to grown people play. its metal. period. the whole band deserves way more respect than has been given, they were and are as honest and heavy as it gets. SUPPORT ANVIL!!!
    update, im not the typical target here, but they got me, in my youth, i liked metal(antrax, slayer, megadeth) but the past ten years ive been listening to jazz and delta blues, after listening to thirteen again, im really impressed, ive been listening to this for about a week, im remembering how much i like metal, i hear alot of motorhead and preist in it. its a great album that needs no apologies, and their story makes it even more fun to hear, lips is probaly the most likeable guy in the world. listen to the samples, and you will hear Metal, good metal, not cheese, not poser, classic metal.

    Posted on January 15, 2010