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This Left Feels Right: Greatest Hits With a Twist

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  • One of the greatest bands in the history of Rock N Roll return with a very different kind of album.Bon Jovi has released this CD, “This left feels right”. The question is….Does Bon Jovi’s left turn feel right for Bon Jovi fans?Bon jovi has always said that their strength has been in their songwriting, and that they play the songs acoustically before they find the right mix that has given them so many hits over the years. So Bon Jovi was going to go back to the basics and do an Acoustic album. In fact the band DID film and record an acoustic show from Yokohama Japan on their most recent Bounce Tour. But then Jon and the boys decided that they wanted to give their fans something DIFFERENT. So Bon Jovi chose 12 of their biggest hits and totally reworked the songs in an acoustic way. Here is a brief summary of the songs……..1. Wanted Dead or Alive- “Wanted” sounds very diffeent from the classic version, and I would have preferred that Jon and Richie do a duet version of the song. However, I enjoyed the Led Zeppelin sound that occured at the end of the song.2. Livin’ on A Prayer- Like much of the album, this song grows on you the more you listen to it. At first, I didnt like it very much. But after a few times listening to it, I can see the vision that the band had for it, and its kind of nice. It takes a bit of getting used to Olivia d’Abo’s voice, but it does make sense to use a man (Jon) and a woman (Olivia) in a song about “Tommy” and “Gina”.3. Bad Medicine- I am not too crazy about this version of the song. I look for the best in every Bon Jovi song because I am a fan, but this version of the song just doesnt do it for me. You may feel differently.4. It’s my Life- This is a BEAUTIFUL version of “It’s my life”, and had the song been about love, this would have had Top Ten potential.I like the version of this song very much, at times even better than the original version.5. Lay your Hands on me- Like “Bad Medicine”, this song just doesnt do it for me, when compared to the original version.6. You give love a bad name- If you are expecting something similar to the original “Bad Name” you wont find it in this version. This sounds more like an unplugged Eric Clapton song, than the classic hard rocking Bon Jovi song that we remember. I’m not crazy about it personally. 7. Bed Of Roses- Although I prefer the original version (The live version is the best), this song is a very nice one and I think you will like it. It doesnt differ from the original too much. Just a little.8. Everyday- I much prefer the original version of this song. Some Bon Jovi songs just sound better with a hard edge, and this is one of them. I am not crazy about this version.9. Born to be my baby- Much like “Bed of Roses”, this song is a very nice one, and has the feel of the classic version, only a little different, and less intense.10. Keep The Faith- Again, this song has the feel of the classic version, only alot slower and without Richie’s blazing electric guitar. Nice song.11. I’ll be there for you- While this song also sounds alot like the classic one, the subtle differences show how much better the original is.12. Always- This is a beautiful song, much like the original. This song doesnt need electric guitars to be good, it just needs a nice strong lead vocal (And Jon has that) and a nice rythym (and the song has that). All in all, I enjoyed this album alot and sung along with it. Its hard not to. Some of the older generation Bon Jovi fans might be upset that the songs that they grew up with have been altered so much. But they will always have the classic versions. Bon Jovi simply wanted to show another side of themselves, and establish themselves as talented professional musicians, while showing that their songs are very versatile. They have done so with this album. It IS different. It WILL take a little getting used to. But give it time and several listens, and I think that you will enjoy it like I did.P.S. The CD Booklet that comes with the CD includes an interview with Jon and Richie that nicely details why Bon Jovi made this record and what it means to them.

    Posted on January 21, 2010