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This Present Wasteland

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  • With the turnover this band has had over the years it has now become Vanderhoof’s baby and whoever it seems he can recruit to play on it. This is the third album with Ronny Munroe singing, Jeff Plate returns on drums with Steve Unger on bass and adding Rick Van Zant on second guitar. This is straight ahead power metal with some thrash touches without any symphonics like so much European power metal. Somehow they manage to make very consistent albums which tells me Vanderhoof knows what he wants and how to get it out of the band. Many decry Ronnie’s vocals not being Waynes or Howes but they should be measured on their own right and they fit very well. Listen to albums by all three and the music is right for each one. With new releases by Metallica and Testament getting the attention in thrash circle it’s hoped this doesn’t get overlooked as it’s a quality slab of American heavy metal. The artwork is all done by fans which is a nice touch and there are actually some pictures inside that I think would have been better covers. Good stuff.

    Posted on January 1, 2010