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This Toilet Earth

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  • And its helping absolutely no one, not the band, the fans or even the label thinking they can suck in more money if they cut the most vile track from the album so stores like Sam Goody where Gwar fans don’t even shop would sell it. First they ruined We Kill Everything now they ruined this, I suspect America Must Be Destroyed will be next. Gwar needs to pack their bags and leave this wimp metal label. What really hurts bad is that I lost this CD awhile back and bought it expecting the full album in all its uncut glory looking forward to center core song on of the album B.D.F. which has been cut along with a really cool hidden techno hidden track thats in their movie SKULHEDFACE along with CESORED ARTWORK as well. Gwar must not stand for this!Anyways, this another classic Gwar album, their most different album to date. More thrashy sloppy punk sounding than anything else they’ve ever done, this is one of their most violent albums (ties close with America Must Be Destroyed). The drums sound like meat cleavers smashing into a skull, everything about this album is ugly. The songs carreen out of control near the end and turn into sloppy pukey songs that sound like they were made up in 3 seconds to fill up the album. Its great! Goes from carefully constructed songs to BLAHRRLARJHRHGGHGHGHG.Good luck finding the uncut version with the extra track. Don’t waste your time on this cut up crap. Next time you’re at a Gwar show see if Dave Brockie has any in the bus for sale.

    Posted on February 6, 2010