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This Type Of Thinking Could Do Us In

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  • this album kicks their first album’s ass. chevelle has evolved to have their same old sound but just a touch harder. here’s a full review….

    1. The Clincher- 9/10- nice and heavy. this song pretty much sums up the album. its very addictive and has a nice bass part in the verses. also has a VERY catchy, addictive chorus.

    2. Get Some- 9/10- One of my favorites. nice and heavy and showcases some of Sam’s double kick skills. also has a very cool part in the middle that is very reminisent of “One” by metallica.

    3. Vitamin R- 9/10- the first single off the album. its very addictive i’ll tell you that. has a sound liek “Send the pain below” from the previous album.

    4. Still Running- 10/10- They wrote this song for The Punisher Sountrack and it sounded very half-assed(sorry couldn’t find a better way to say it). but on this album they cleaned it up added a different bridge and made it a little faster. awesome song.

    5. Breach Birth- 9/10- this is a lot of people’s favorite song but not me. don’t get me wrong this is still an amazing song but i think there are other better songs on this cd.

    6. Panic Prone- 10/10- The album calms down with this slower-paced song. this is definately one of my favorites. its very reminisent of “Closure” from the previous album, but this song is 10 times better. i love it.

    7. Another Know it all- 9/10- this song picks up the heaviness right where it left off. Nice double bass by Sam. Great song.

    8. Tug-o-war- 10/10- Another contender for my favorite on this cd. this is a heavy song about rape. but you don’t think it is until you read the lyrics. this is a very awesome song. has a very cool drum part before the chorus.

    9. To Return- 10/10- Another favorite of mine. the guitar part is very reminisent of P.O.D or incubus. is a little slower paced so it can get you ready for the next song.

    10. Emotional Drought- 10/10- Best song on the album period. the cd is worth buying just for this song. this really shows how chevelle has made their music heavier. It has my favorite moment of the cd, where Pete just has this endless scream right after an incredible build up with the guitar. Then from there it continues the hard screaming. this song just pumps me up so much. best song ever written by chevelle ever besides Point #1.

    11. Bend the Bracket- 9/10- the cd closes just as it did on “Wonder What’s Next” with a soft acoustic guitar song. but this song i would say is ten times better then “One lonely visitor” from “Wonder whats next”. great song the calms you down after the incredible “Emotional Drought”.

    The cd ends up with 104/110. thats 95% and this cd definately deserves a 95% rating. Go buy this cd right now. and while you’re at it, if you don’t have them already, but chevelle’s other cd’s “Point #1″ and “Wonder What’s Next”. Listen to them in the order of Point #1, WWN, then This type of thinking. then you really see the evolution.

    Posted on February 9, 2010