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  • Certainly this is the most accessible release from COF yet. And as often occurs in the metal community as soon as beloved bands nod towards commercialism the knives come out and sell out is screamed. No need really because this is the most direct and palatable release so far and I am sure they must be attempting to expand their market, afterall all things must be reborn if they are to continue otherwise it grows stale and old. The vocals are frequently tuneful and the choruses and bridges to the songs are memorable after only a couple of listens. In other words less percistance is needed to find the hook. Indeed this cd reminds me of the old school stylings of Mercyful Fate or the NWOBHM style of that era say 83-ish metal which I personally loved. Of course the Iron Maiden stylings are still very present and it all sounds terribly British. Perhaps the extremity of their sound is in a better doseage for a more mainstream market this time. Song highlights must be ‘Tonight in Flames’ which really highlights an attempt at more traditional workings and is very successful by doing so, and ‘The Byronic Man’ for the same reasons. The negative votes are coming (I sense) but I personally think the Edgar Alan Poe gothic style lyrics are now a liability and they should write less cryptically to match the less cryptic style they have adopted musically. Either a watershed release or the end perhaps, time will tell?

    Posted on February 3, 2010