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  • I am 40 years old. I burned my ears by listening to metal since I was… I don’t know. When I first heard COF almost nobody knew this band and I remember the looks I got when I said this band would be famous. I also knew, after listening to “Cruelty and the Beast” that this guys would never come up again with something so perfect, that this would be their maximum peak. Honestly, how could you get a faster trip to the deepest regions of the worst hell immaginable other than listening to this cd capable of bring demons to your mind for an infernal excursion to the darkest side of the collective unconscious? However, if you look at the history of Iron Maiden, for example, many fans thought the same about “The number of the Beast”; nothing better than that could ever be accomplished. Nonetheless, a serie of beautiful works followed that impressive album. Those works were pretty different from the initial hit, and yet, the same flavor was there. Of course, those who listened to the first album – which was a conceptual piece of work as well as “Cruelty and the Beast” was, those fans felt betrayed with the next album. They didn’t want to listen to some incredibles new songs, they wanted “a trip”. In part, Maiden gave that to their fans several times in its career. Unfortunatelly, with COF I don’t feel the same way. Maiden gave several awesome albums but they also kept their formation long enough to produce that quality. Listen to the sound of the drums and the quality and elaboration of the keyboard work in “Cruelty and the Beast” and see what COF missed from there on. Only Dani’s genius keeps COF as a powerful band. Although I enjoy a lot of the new songs,I still miss the trip. I still await for their next delivery. The problem is that in the meanwhile the commercial part, the circus, the formulas and repetitions are an awful downside for this unique band. One question nobody seems to ask: why is that this band doesn’t attempt to transcend itself by trying to open up and reach not just teenagers? Dani: I know you need to make some living in this world, but you are primarily an artist so tell me, is there any difference between a singer who sings songs for children and what you are doing? Deep Purple, Zeppelin, Maiden, Floyd and many others saw grown people on their concerts. Are you going to become a clown just to reach those teenagers in fatland?

    Posted on February 3, 2010