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  • I know that this review will be followed by several saying that I am stupid and am not aware of how awesome Shadows Fall is, but I still think it is worthwhile to let other people know my opinion. I was excited for this album, Shadows Fall shows so much potential at times but this release is such a disappointment. While it isn’t terrible, it just is not good. It suffers the pitfall of many metal releases, all the songs follow identical formats and never keep your interest. If you don’t believe me, scan through this CD and let me know if almost all (with the exception of one or two) aren’t : a kind of cool guitar intro that might lead to something cool, then drums come in with the same predictable snare on every beat,and then mediocre vocals singing some of the most lackluster vocal in recent memory.

    Don’t buy this album looking for some sort of blistering heavy metal experience. Don’t buy this album if you want something you may replay again. If you want to buy a mediocre heavy metal album then I guess you should buy this album, but I say take a stand. Don’t just buy whatever Shadows Fall puts out in front of you. The War Within was a good CD. The follow up bonus track CD was just a desperate attempt to make more money with nothing new and this CD is just a group that didn’t really try and put out some music.

    I’m sorry to all the die hard Shadows Fall fans, and you may enjoy this album which is great for you, but I really felt like Shadows Fall underachieved and didn’t really put enough into this release. I know they could have done better.

    Posted on December 27, 2009