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Three Days Grace

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  • 1. Burn – a slow, heavy song, a really good introduction to the cd, too. 5/52. Just Like You – Despite the obvious over-playing of this song, its still rather good. 5/5 3. I Hate Everything About You – ugh.. radio ruined this song, as they will most likely do with track 2, but it still stands out as a good song, just one you may have heard too much. 4.5/54. Home – A slower, heavier song, but not quite like ‘burn’. There is, however, a lot of emotion in this song. 4/55. Scared – A faster song on the cd, pretty good. 4.5/56. Let You Down – I dont remember much worth listening to in this song.. 3.5/5 7. Now Or Never – Same as track 6 (this is the ’slowdown’ of the album’) 8. Born Like This- after 2 mediocore songs, things really pick up.. this song RULES. while the verses arent noteworthy, the really heavy nature of the chorus is awesome.. 5/5 9. Drown – Very Catchy chorus. 4/5 10. Wake Up – I dont know why, but i find this to be one of best songs on the cd.. they truly convey an emotion here. 5/5 11. Take Me Under – I dont like this song too much for some reason.. 3.5/5 12. Overrated – A pretty good closing track.. it sounds so.. tired.. depressed, ect.. a good song when youre tired, theres certainly something .. dark about the vocals. 5/5so, despite 3 mediocore tracks, this album more than makes up for it.. a very good album, a few essential tracks makes it more than worth it.

    Posted on November 24, 2009