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Three Days Grace

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  • This album was amazing. what lead me onto it was my friend liking it, and since he likes to same music as me, i thought i’d give this a try. i didnt like the single they first put out called i hate every thing about you, but now i love it because of the deepness of it. I got the CD and couldn’t put it down. 1.) Burn – great song, amazing chorus. the lyrics stand out more in this song than the rest. 5/52.) just like you – cool song, but grew old fast for me. 4.5/53.) i hate every thing about you – very very good, i can’t get enough of it. 5/54.) home- didnt like it at first, but now its one of my favorites. 5/55.) scared – lyircs are a little…shallow. not deep enough. “i think i hear it creeping, i think i feel it move”. a little immature. 3.5/56.) let you down – my fav on the album. i love the lyrics, reminds me of a vampire cult (lol), but thats not a bad thing. The instruments are played so well in this song. i can listen to it for days straight. 5/57.) now or never – about wanting more from life and wanting to change whats happening in the world. great message. 5/58.) born like this – not sure what its about…but its cool nonetheless. 4/59.) drown – AMAZING. about getting away from a bad relationship with whomever it might be. 5/510.) wake up – has the best line in it, “i must be running out of luck, cause you’re just not drunk enough to f—”. haha I LOVE IT! 5/511.) take me under – about sex? lol. um its pretty good. doesnt stand out, but still a solid song. 4/512.) overrated – very cool. the lyrics are great in this one. 5/5overall, the CD is great, but the lyrics needed a little tweaking. also i noticed that they are very repetative. o well. great bands like Nirvana had repetative songs, but still remained on top of the world. I believe this band will grow from album to album and expand their music into deep and touching themes that will only make them even more greatly accomplished.

    Posted on November 24, 2009