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Three Days Grace

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  • Hailing from our neighbors to the north, the three young guys in Three Days Grace are the best thing to emerge from the Canadian rock music scene since Our Lady Peace. Bands like Nickelback, Default, Sum 41, etc. just don’t make the cut. But these guys are a totally different story. Sonically speaking, they are the illegitimate children of a fight between the Deftones and, interestingly enough, Smile Empty Soul (another great 3-piece band, check them out also; as well as Flaw and RA…not 3-piece bands), with slight twists of Blindside and 12 Stones thrown in, topped off by a hint of Tool. That may sound strange, but it totally works. The first single off this disc, “I Hate Everything About You”, is a fine choice for a single, as it is fairly radio-friendly, but that’s not to say that the other songs aren’t, as this band is living proof that today’s musicians need not plague their songs with profanity in order to make powerful, emotive hard rock. In fact, upon listening to the entire CD, I found only one use of the “f” word in one song (track number 10, “Wake Up”), some use of the “s” word in another song (track number 12, “Overrated”), and that’s it as far as profanity goes; which probably explains why there is no Parental Advisory sticker on the case. Nevertheless, every song here has potential to be a hit. In addition to the first single, standout tracks include “Burn”, “Home”, “Now Or Never”, “Drown”, and “Take Me Under”. These young guys are great musicians…soaring vocals, slamming guitars, and a very solid rhythm section. From a lyrical perspective, most of the songs start out negative, but usually resolve on a positive note. For the price this CD is currently going for here on and in most retail stores, it is a great deal that any self-respecting rock fan should not pass up. Get it quick while it’s still fairly cheap and before the rest of the world catches on. I’ve got a feeling that these three extremely talented young musicians are going to play a major role in shaping the future of modern rock music as we know it.

    Posted on November 24, 2009