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Three Days Grace

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  • I bought this CD with the notion of the hit single “I hate everything about you”. After reading several reviews and viewing the video only 5 times, my mind was set on purchasing this cd. A well spent 17.99 at my near by Spec’s on Okechobee, and not to shabby of a buy if I and i MUST say so myself. Three Days Grace puts an extreme amount of emotion and heart into there lyrics. Every lyric on this cd is relative to the hit single, except in the very last and final track. “Overrated”, where Three Days Grace,”TAKES A SHOT”, as Rage Against The Machines front man Zach De La Rocha did in the track “Wake up” off of there self titled cd,they decide to go a little political in this track, which is ALWAYS nice the artist has other views to express besides dwelling on the same lyrics over and over like artists such as Jay-Z. Judging by these lyrics, i think we can definitely tell the lead singer has had personal experiences and we can also take away here-say IMMEDIATELY. Three days grace’s lyrical direction reminds me “somewhat” of alanis morissette’s jagged little pill cd, except the mans point of view. I did say somewhat now. The track that really grasped my feel into these boys is “Home”, a great riff from the “regular”(which is very rare to find these days and still have a slight edge and or more of an edge) guitar and absolutely amazing lyrics, very well written. All in all a very consistent cd, and im already waiting for the next album. Artists like these always make you wonder about the new sound they are to put out for us fans. I think of Three days grace as a mix of 3 Doors Down and Nickeback mixed, with a touch of Linkin Parks edge minus the bass and computers. This CD well then deserves more then 5 stars. Need i say more?

    Posted on November 24, 2009