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Three Lock Box

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Odder than odd, this remix album removes much of what listeners closely associate as being what Bush is about (pop-Nirvana clones) and turns the focus onto the then-expected electronica craze. ”Everything Zen” is remixed twice and given audibly different treatments. The Derek DeLarge mix, in particular, barely keeps the song in place. The emphasis on so much drums and bass from a band not known for their rhythmic abilities (Bush excel with the stop-and-start, not the keep-on-groovin’) creates an entirely new group–one which ironically should appeal to folks who never cared in the first place. Not a bad experiment. –Rob O’Connor

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  • This is such a fun CD. Sammy was really on a roll when he recorded this music. There is a lot of inspired music from someone who obliviously loves what he does. Songs of love and devotion “Never Give Up”, “I wouldn’t Change One Thing” and pride “Remember the Heroes” are a great compliment to one of Sammy’s biggest hits of the early 80’s “Your Love is Driving Me Crazy”. It’s also a great companion to Standing Hampton. Add this to your collection, it is a great CD to play at BBQs, picnics, or any kind of party!!

    Posted on January 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • THREE LOCK BOX is good-time rock album that has some serious lyrics- “Remember The Heroes” is about Vietnam, and “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing”, describes life’s experiences. The blend of Bob Seger/Ted Nugent Detroit rock, Skynyrd/Outlaws Southern rock, and Humble Pie/Foghat/Montrose heavy metal that was present on STANDING HAMPTON remains, but a bit of Journey-esque pop-rock creeps in on the hit single “Your Love Is Driving me Crazy.” This and its predecessor, along with MARCHING TO MARS, RED VOODOO, TEN 13, and NOT 4 SALE, are Sammy Hagar’s finest solo albums. The fact that Hagar currently advocates sanctions against Indonesia in retaliation for that country’s recent trumped-up drug-smuggling conviction of a young Australian tourist, as well as more funding for law enforcement, makes this CD an essential purchase for both your ears AND your conscience.

    Posted on January 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is my favorite Sammy album. Every song is excellent. In The Room, Remember The Heroes, and Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy are my favorites. The production was excellent by Keith Olsen which features an excellent blend of hard rockin’ guitars and smooth synthesizers.This album is much more melodic than his other LP’s.

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  • Three lock box is vintage hagar, I love this album! The release of this 1983 was just a glimpse of things to come from Sammy Hagar for the NEXT 25 YEARS: Great vocals, superb songwriting, melodic & anthemic rock that filled a niche, then overflowed and overpowered most around it!

    Three Lock Box is a rocker
    Remote Love is a sweet poppy tune
    Remember the heroes is a DEEP heart felt rock tune dedicated to all of our veterans!
    Your love is driving me crazy – Great pop tune with excellent melody, great riffs on the guitar as well!
    In the Room – Dark, spooky tune, quite a trip! Reminds me of some prog rock space tune or something of a meidevil background.
    Rise of the Animal – The Room song jumps into this hard driving rock tune.

    The rest of the tunes are fun and rockin’ as well. If you have not heard sammy hagar, or liked some of his work with Van Halen, you should start with this album. I personally feel his best solo works are this, VOA, and Standing Hampton. All are gems, and all are multi-platinum recordings.

    1. Three Lock Box
    2. Remote Love
    3. Remember the Heroes
    4. Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
    5. In the Room
    6. Rise of the Animal
    7. I Wouldn’t Change a Thing
    8. Growing Up
    9. Never Give Up
    10. I Don’t Need Love

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  • Sammy’s career is legendary and Three Lock Box rightfully fits into Hagar’s history like a glove. The hits are here (Your Love is Driving Me Crazy & the title track to name a few) but what really puts this album on top are the early hints of Hagar’s serious side which become more apparent in his later work. Songs like “Remember the Heroes” and “Growing Up” speak for themselves. This CD has been somewhat overlooked lately, but it really is an excellent piece of music. If you are a fan of Sammy Hagar, it is a must. If you are not, be advised, this will likely change your mind!

    Posted on January 18, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now