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Three Lock Box

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  • Three lock box is vintage hagar, I love this album! The release of this 1983 was just a glimpse of things to come from Sammy Hagar for the NEXT 25 YEARS: Great vocals, superb songwriting, melodic & anthemic rock that filled a niche, then overflowed and overpowered most around it!

    Three Lock Box is a rocker
    Remote Love is a sweet poppy tune
    Remember the heroes is a DEEP heart felt rock tune dedicated to all of our veterans!
    Your love is driving me crazy – Great pop tune with excellent melody, great riffs on the guitar as well!
    In the Room – Dark, spooky tune, quite a trip! Reminds me of some prog rock space tune or something of a meidevil background.
    Rise of the Animal – The Room song jumps into this hard driving rock tune.

    The rest of the tunes are fun and rockin’ as well. If you have not heard sammy hagar, or liked some of his work with Van Halen, you should start with this album. I personally feel his best solo works are this, VOA, and Standing Hampton. All are gems, and all are multi-platinum recordings.

    1. Three Lock Box
    2. Remote Love
    3. Remember the Heroes
    4. Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy
    5. In the Room
    6. Rise of the Animal
    7. I Wouldn’t Change a Thing
    8. Growing Up
    9. Never Give Up
    10. I Don’t Need Love

    Posted on January 18, 2010