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Through the Eyes of the Dead (Malice)

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  • After hearing this band’s last effort, “Bloodlust”, I was left a bit underwhelmed. The band was obviously talented, but seemed to lack coherency and direction. A year or two later, and they return with the ferocious and unrelenting “Malice”, and I stand corrected.

    Through The Eyes Of The Dead are, for some reason, often lumped in with the “metalcore” scene, which isn’t really accurate at all. You’ll get no Killswitch/Underoath here. What you will get, however, is chops-heavy, super-technical and super-aggressive death metal with bizarre, convoluted riffing to spare and a crystal-clear, roof-raising production. The only criticism I could possibly level against this excellent disc is that the death vocals are at first a bit abrasive at times. Overall though, very satisfying, and a gigantic improvement over their previous full-length. Very heavy, very nihilistic. Recommended for fans of Suffocation, Job For A Cowboy, Decapitated, et al.

    Posted on November 19, 2009