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Through the Eyes

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  • I remember, the first time I heard Flaw almost two years ago right before Christmas of 03. I was quite sick with the flu and laying down watching music choice Metal (channel 410) My jaw dropped to the floor. The song playing was “Only The Strong” which is still one of my favorite songs of all time. Which was quite suprising being that by that time I was mostly into melodic death metal/ black metal and thrash metal ( Cradle of Filth, Emperor, In Flames, At The Gates,Dark Tranquility and Opeth for a few examples). However, there was just something about the lyrics and vocals and such that I loved. I didn’t actually buy the cd until the Summer of 04. When I did though, you better believe I listened to it day and night. Chris’ singing just seems powerful and incredible, one of the best vocalist I have heard in a while. Also, he doesn’t go down to the level of having lame new age metal lyrics like ” I’ll break your face if you look at my girlfriend.” or corny things such as that. They’re well thought out.

    Only The Strong – 1000/10 As I said before, this is one of my favorite songs of all time. The lyrics really hit home for me and i feel a true attachment to this one. Best song here.

    Payback – 9/10 Starts out with a nice bassline then the drums and distorted guitars kick in. One of the heavier tracks here.

    My Letter – 10/10 Great ballad type song, the vocals in here are just powerful. Can’t get enough.

    Get Up Again – 10/10 One of the best songs here, the lyrics seem to have a real reflective feel to them.

    Whole – 10/10 A great metal track, I love the lyrics in them. Just the way Chris sings them, you can feel the emotion.

    Amendment – 9/10 Starts out slow but as the song goes on it begins to get heavier. Goes inbetween near screams and singing.

    Scheme – 8/10 ALOT of distorted guitars here, the drumming is the best on the album here.

    What I Have to do – 10/10 has a real ” My Letter” feel to it, which is great. the vocals in the chorus are just incredible.

    Inner Strength – 9/10 starts out with a single guitar riff and grows into a beast with the help of Chris’ vocals.

    Best I am – 10/10 From the first secodns of the guitar melodies I knew this was going to be a great ballad.

    Out of Whack – 8.5/10 I know, lame song title. I thought it might be a lame angst song, I guessed wrong.

    Reliance – 9/10 While most of the focus on this album is on the vocals, the guitar/drum section takes over here.

    One More Time – 9/10 Good closing song, starts out with some low drum work and some awesome singing. Ending on a strong note.

    So, to end this. I don’t care what metal you like. This one deserves a spot in your collection, Enjoy.

    Posted on December 13, 2009