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Through the Eyes

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  • This cd is excellent. In a genre of music where almost every CD sounds the same, Flaw blew everybody else away with this one. Easily one of the best CD’s of the decade so far.

    The CD starts off with “Only The Strong”, a number with a heavy riff that showcases Chris Volz’s excellent voice. Volz has one of the most beautiful singing voices I’ve ever heard, and combines it with some screaming at times. The second track and first single “Payback” is an example of this, as Volz’s screaming during the chorus is awesome, and adds a lot of energy to the track. Then we get to the albums BEST song, and one of the best songs I’ve ever heard. “My Letter”. It’s amazing, driven by emotionally charged lyrics, and stayed stuck in my head for months after the first time I heard it. Easily the best song Flaw has done, and obviously the best on the album. “Whole” is another emotional song lyrically, and is pretty good, though not their best. “Amendment” is my 2nd favorite on here, it’s got extremely heavy riffs and verses, followed by a beautiful bridge which ends with a screamed obscenity (‘We’re the recipients of hate, motherf***er’). It gave me chills the first time I heard it, its awesome. Also of note, “Amendment” is over 5 minutes in length. Not many new metal bands pull off songs over 4 minutes, or write songs this well. “Scheme” is another great heavy song. “Best I Am” is a slower ballad, very well written. “Reliance” is a very pissed-off song that rocks hard, and “One More Time” is a great closer with some good lyrics. But it’s not the end. There’s the hidden track version of “Only The Strong” which is just Chris Volz singing the song with a piano in the background. It’s beautiful, and contrasts the heavy version that the CD starts with perfectly. So overall, this is an amazing CD, one of the best ever in my opinion. I’d recommend it to anybody and everybody (and if you’re still not interested in buying the album, at least check out “My Letter” or “Amendment”). 10/10 for sure.

    Posted on December 13, 2009